DUNGENESS INFORMATION Dungeness 18 Green and Range
Location Sequim, Washington
Date Opened 1970
Date Played 09/05/2001
Review Date 09/08/2001
Phone Number 1-800-447-6826 
Web Site www.dungenessgolf.com
Dungeness is a course just north of the town of Sequim, near the famous Dungeness Spit as well as the Wild Animal Game Farm. The weather when I played was mid 60's mostly sunny with about a 1 club wind blowing most of the round. 

The practice range is grass and was pretty damp when I used it. There were also some mats available.  There is also a putting green as well as a nice chipping green practice area. 

The greens are rather large and can be quite fast. They also contain various slopes. It seems that in particular on the back nine, the front of the greens are not very receptive to a shot. I.E. they slope down and your ball is likely to roll back off the front. Number 10 is especially nasty with a front pin placement. 

Bunkers present throughout, but I must say I didn't manage to find any in my trials. You will find both fairway and greenside bunkers. The most famous bunker or set of bunkers perhaps in the Pacific Northwest are the 11 bunkers in front of the 3rd green that are in the shape of a crab. There are some water hazard areas as well as some OB (but no in course OB). The OB is the course boundaries, which sometimes consist of housing. The housing to date is only on the first few holes, and doesn't seem to present a major distraction. 

The fairways were a bit on the soft side, considering the dry weather we have had. Some had more rollout than others. Condition was above average, but they weren't cut that low. 

Lost Ball Factor
Not a bad course for losing balls as long as you don't go into the houses, or stray on the boundaries. The hazards will of course eat some balls if you venture there. The trees however have been generally cleared beneath and finding your ball will not be a problem. 

Terrain/Elevations/Walking vs. Riding
Terrain is fairly gentle with a couple of hills, most notably the hill up to the 18th green. Distances are short between tees, and this is a very walk able course. 

My favorite aspects
Decent layout that will not tax you distance wise. There are also good views of the Olympics off to the north. 

Well houses are always a negative, but they aren't in play as often, or as much as on many other courses. Two par 5's in a row are kind of odd (6 and 7). I also thought some greens, in particular number 10, are a bit unfair, especially with a front pin position. If you miss your putt, your ball is basically off the green. 

Final Thoughts
I enjoyed this course, and although for long hitters may not test every club in the bag, the greens are challenging and there is enough forgiveness on many of the holes. On any of the pictures, click on it for a bigger representation. 

Dungeness Scorecard
Tee Yards Par Rating Slope
Yellow 6456 72 70.1 126
Red 6034 72 68.3 122
White 5347 72 65.4 117
Blue 4760 72 62.9 112


Hole by Hole

PAR 4  13 hdc
The 1st hole is a dog leg left with OB down the extreme left, and some houses/OB down the right side. These shouldn't come into play. A couple of fairway bunkers guard the inside of the dogleg as well as another fairway bunker down the right through the dogleg. The green is guarded by a lone bunker on the right front. If you stay out of the bunkers, this is a fairly easy opening hole. 

PAR 4  11 hdc
The 2nd hole tends to look ominous with all the sand you see out on the fairway. Houses line both the right and left sides, but there is quite a bit of room out to the right. The smart play is a fairway wood, or iron to avoid the fairway bunkers. The green is guarded by a single bunker on the left front. 

PAR 5  7 hdc
Number 3 is the old crabby hole. This is a very sharp dog leg right with a large bunker guarding the corner about 250 out. Houses and OB line the right side. This hole is definitely reachable with a big drive and favors a fade. Your second shot however is over the crab shaped bunker which actually is a series of 11 bunkers just short of the green. The bunkers are set on a mound as well, so going in a bunker, or up on the grass between the bunkers will surely result in a less than level lie. The green is also guarded by houses and OB fairly tight on the left, and more houses on the right. There is more room to bail right however. The green is also guarded by some bunkers on the left side.  One of the better risk/reward holes. If you aren't in good position and confident on your second shot, a lay-up short of the crab bunker is advisable. 

PAR 3  15 hdc
A slightly uphill par 3 to a wide green guarded by multiple bunkers. A pretty good sized target, keep it out of the sand and you should be able to salvage a par. 

PAR 4  5 hdc
A slight dog leg left, you can let one rip. Houses come in on the right, but there is quite a bit of room out there before you go OB. A fairway bunker guards the corner about 290 out. This hole was playing downwind the day I played. The green approach is pretty open and friendly to run up shots. f 

PAR 5  9 hdc
This hole, while short for a par 5, was playing into the wind. No particular difficulties off the tee. The second shot, should you choose to go for it, will have to carry a bunker in front of the green on the right side. It can be kind of hidden from the fairway. The green itself is large, and tricky with a ridge running along the popular red pin positions. 

PAR 5  1 hdc
The longest hole on the course, fortunately it was playing downwind. Other than the short trees, there isn't a lot of trouble on this hole. The green is unguarded. You just need to give it a good ride, and make your approach shot count.


PAR 3  17 hdc
A par 3 to a large green guarded by a bunker left front and right. There is also water behind the green. Short is definitely better than long. Club selection will be the biggest challenge here. 


PAR 4  3 hdc
Perhaps the toughest driving hole on the front nine. A fairway bunker sits down the left side about 240 out begging to catch errant drives. On the right is a marked hazard area. The play here is a fade ending up in the middle or favoring the right side. Approach is uphill to a bunker less green. Grab a drink and some eats at the snack shop (You can actually get mixed drinks should you need to drown the pain).... 

PAR 4  4 hdc
We start to see a few more trees come into play on the back nine. Trees pinch in left and right on the approach. A fairway bunker guards the right side. There is more room right than left and the approach to the green is easier from the right. The green is elevated out of a valley and guarded by bunkers left and long right. The problem on this hole however is the green itself. Anything in the front third will roll down off the green quite easily. Stay below the hole, but even then if you have a  red pin and don't putt it hard enough, it might come rolling back down. Anything from the side or above the hole is extremely difficult to keep on the green. Hope you don't get a red pin!

PAR 3  18 hdc
Scenic par 3 over a hazard area that shouldn't come into play unless you duff your shot. A large bunker guards the left front and another bunker guards the right rear. Big green can lead to some rather length putts. 

PAR 4  10 hdc
Pretty straight away hole, an iron might be the best play here. A water ditch runs about halfway up the hill you can see about 240 out. If you are sure you can carry this playing uphill and hit just  past it, you may get close to the green, although it was pretty damp and uphill near the green. A smarter play might be to use an iron or fairway wood, staying short of the hill and picking a comfortable distance for your second shot in. 


PAR 4  14 hdc
Pretty straightforward hole. A good grip and rip opportunity. Unfortunately the wind wasn't favorable on this hole. There is a fairway bunker down the right, and the green is guarded by more bunkers on the left. One of the easier birdie holes on the back. Try and grab one here. 

PAR 5  8 hdc
Interesting reachable par 5. It was playing downwind and is from an elevated tee. Just go anywhere but left, as there is a boundry/OB. Even going far right into the 15th fairway will afford you a shot. If you go for the green, you will have to thread it between a hazard area and up to an elevated green. The hazard doesn't extend across the entire fairway, so you can thread one through. The green is very large and just being on the green isn't a guarantee of a two putt!

PAR 4  2 hdc
Played into the wind, over a hazard up to elevated fairway. There is also a lone tree in the right side of the fairway about 235 or so out. Either play to one side, or go past it. The hole really opens up past the tree, and the slightly elevated green is guarded by a bunker on the right side. 

PAR 4  12 hdc
Scenic hole from an elevated tee down to a flattish fairway. The fairway starts to slope down around the 125 pole. Once you get inside 100 yards, the fairway is pinched by hazard areas on either side. The smart play is around the 125 marker, before the down slope. The hole goes uphill the last bit to an elevate large green, very similar to number 15. 

PAR 3  16 hdc
The most scenic par 3 on the course, and also the longest/toughest. Water all down the left. A lone bunker guards the right rear. The kidney shaped green can be tough to read and putt.  Definitely favor the right side over the left. 

PAR 4  6 hdc
A tough driving hole to finish. Ideal position is middle/left. Go too far right and the trees pinching the approach come into play. These are tall trees, you're not likely to be able to carry over. Down the left side is a hazard area, so don't venture too far left. Approach is uphill to a narrow, but deep green.  The tee shot is the key to this hole. Get good position and take enough club to get up the hill. 


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